How to take a screenshot

How to take a screenshot

How to take a screenshot

Either you got to provide a screenshot of a website or a software you should first know to take a screenshot. The task of taking a screenshot is not a hard job, which you can master in a second and easily produce as much screenshots you want. Screenshot of a website, screenshot of a software, screenshot of games and other stuffs. So what are the necessary requirements for capturing a screenshot in your computer. Of course you don’t need any software, you can also use some software for taking a screenshot, you can use a browsers extension for taking a screenshot of a website and so on. So you may be thinking “if it is easy to take a screenshot without any software then i would love to learn that”. Well here we go, i will teach you simple steps on how to take a screenshot in a windows (windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7, windows 8) installed computer or laptop.

How to take a screenshot in windows computer

Well my friends lets start on how to take a screenshot on windows computer. So 1st thing you need to know is below button in your Keyboard

Print Scrn Button
You got problem finding Print Screen Button ? See at the Top right or see in below image the position, its just Left to Scroll Lock Button in your Laptop or Keyboard.

Print Scrn

Now the last thing you should know is MS Paint. Yes you may have drawn some pictures during your childhood, now you need this. If you don’t know how to open MS Paint then follow the instructions Below

Open MS Paint

  1. Click Start button on your Keyboard (In windows 7 and Vista you can see in screen )
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Click Accessories
  4. MS Paint or Paint


You can simply use this command { Start + R } and Type mspaint in Run.

So now you are ready to take a screenshot, so what you want to take screenshot of [a website or software or desktop screen…..] its your choice just be sure it is showing on the screen. If i am not wrong now you know How to take a screenshot on Windows computers.

For example:

  • Open in your Browser
  • Click on Print Scrn Button
  • Open MS Paint and Paste { CTRL+V}
  • Now Save the file as screenshot.jpg { you can choose which format to use for saving; screenshot.jpg is just used for example}
  • That’s it.

Now you learned how to take a screenshot. :) – Still Confuse Watch Below Video on How to take a screenshot

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