How to take a screenshot on Mac

By | September 8, 2016

Screenshot on Mac

Are you a Mac User ? Of course its not always that everybody uses Windows operating system as Apple is becoming more and more popular for personal use. So we are taking about How to take a screenshot on Mac in this post, so Mac users be ready to learn this tip and feel easy to take screenshot on your Mac.

  • To Take a screenshot of the Desktop : Use Command+Shift+3This command captures a screenshot of your Desktop or any thing that is open on your screen i.e if you have opened in your browser and you clicked this command. It saves the screenshot of the Screen and saves as Picture(no).png format in Desktop.
  • To Take a partial screenshot : Use Command+Shift+4
    This command enables you to cut a particular part of the screen using Left Mouse Button and automatically saves in Desktop as Picture(no).png
  • You can also use Spotlight and search for Grab application which can be useful for you to take a screenshot.Spotlight

You can also get help with below Video to know How To take a screenshot on Mac

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